Monday, 27 February 2012

Work Break Down Structure - 2

Continuing the previous post on WBS, I likes to talk about few more aspects of WBS.
WBS depends on project management methodology ?
I believe in spite of project management methodology the approach towards WBS remains the same. In case of waterfall we will break down the phases, in case of agile we will break down each sprint. Probably different people uses different terminology for decomposition.
WBS is industry specific?
I believe it is also not industry specific , every industry before beginning any work they decompose into manageable deliverable,even our foremost farming industry break down the work along with phases.Following is what a farmer do in a single cycle. Plough,manure,Weed,Irrigate.
Farmers break down each phases into work packages which is suitable for the day and climate but obviously they break down the work in there mind; This capability of breaking down comes from experience or with expert power with us.
I likes to say about a thirukural which say which phase should be done better:
ஏரினும் நன்றால் எருவிடுதல் கட்டபின்
நீருனும் நன்றதன் காப்பு.
Better manure than plough; then weed;
then irrigating, better guard;

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