Monday, 27 February 2012

Work Breakdown structure - 1

Work Break Down Structure - The most easy and tough job in planning that's what i say about WBS.
Here are common questions that comes when we start writing WBS.
  • When we can begin WBS ?
  • How to break down?
  • How far i can decompose ?
  • Who should be involved in decomposing ?
I am not going to answer to these questions, but i am going to talk about these
And Ideal time to begin WBS is when we have defined scope, we should know what we are going to do then we can begin decomposing.
  • I want to go for a vacation.
  • Need to develop a software product.
  • Need to build a garden for home.
  • I Want to eat an apple. :-)
Now I got what to do ? Before scheduling we need to decompose. There is no such standard methodology that says how to breakdown. We can breakdown by our experience or get expert suggestion when breaking down.
We should be decomposing until we have manageable component and expertise in that domain will make our decomposing simple and easy.
Now let us come to our last scope  I want to eat an apple...
  • When we can begin WBS ?  When the apple is ready in our hand...
  • How to break down? Cut into pieces...
  • How far i can decompose ? As small you can eat...
  • Who should be involved in decomposing ? Who knows to cut......:-)
Work Break Down Structure
Coming to business, This can be a sample high level WBS of a software product, which can be further decomposed.

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