Friday, 17 August 2012

Estimation techniques - Part 2

I would say Delphi is an extension of expert judgement, in Delphi moderator will be getting anonymous inputs from  more than one expert.

Following are the steps followed in wideband Delphi process, difference from this method to Delphi is it has more integration for experts with each other

  • Coordinator presents each expert with a specification and an estimation form.
  • Coordinator calls a group meeting in which the experts discuss estimation issues with the coordinator and each other.
  • Experts fill out forms anonymously.
  • Coordinator prepares and distributes a summary of the estimates
  • Coordinator calls a group meeting, specifically focusing on having the experts discuss points where their estimates vary widely
  • Experts fill out forms, again anonymously, and steps 4 to 6 are iterated for as many rounds as appropriate.

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